Technical Information
Heightreally big
Weightreally big
Game Information
Left WeaponShoulder Launcher
Right WeaponBeam Launcher
Center WeaponShoulder Launcher
Average Health1081.9 (8th/15)

Stein-Vok (SBV-328-B) is a controllable Virtuaroid in VOOT as of Version 5.66. He could be considered "Grys-Vok with lasers." Like Grys-Vok, he excels at mid- to long-range combat, although he is more capable than his brother in Close Combat due to his increased attack range.

Story Edit

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Gameplay Edit

At its core, the Stein-Vok, reflective of its name, is a frankenstein combination of other Virtuaroid weapons, most notably the Cypher and Bal-series Virtuaroids. Although the weapons are equally powerful as the Virtuaroids they were copied from, they lack the knockback ability of the Grys-Vok's missiles, forcing the Stein-Vok to rely more on speed and trapping than its brother.

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