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Apharmd S
Technical Information
Callsign RVR-33
Affiliation RNA
Height really big
Weight really big
Game Information
Left Weapon Grenade Discharger
Right Weapon Funny Launcher
Center Weapon Knife
Average Health 1103.1 (7th/15)

Apharmd Striker (RVR-33) is a controllable Virtuaroid in VOOT. Along with Apharmd B and Apharmd C, he belongs to the Apharmd series of VRs. Like the others, he possesses formidable Close Combat abilities, though of the three he is the most long-range oriented, armed with several varieties of missiles.


When the megacorporation known as D.N. Corp. split into two following the end of Operation Moongate, the breakaway faction later to be known as R.N.A. adpoted the Apharmd model to counter the D.N. Corp's (later renamed D.N.A.) Temjin. At that time, R.N.A's other forces were constituted of the rapidly outclassed Viper II line, whatever other aging first-generation Virtuaroids they could get their hands on, and nothing else; in response, they split the Apharmd line into three distinct variants, namely the Aph. B, C and S variants.

The Striker variant is considered by many, even R.N.A. soldiers, to be the bastard child of the Apharmd line; utilizing long-range weaponry for its part, the Aph. S was intended as a direct firepower counter for the D.N.A. Belphegor/Raiden and later, the Grys/Stein-Vok and second-generation Raiden. New pilots expecting the speed of a Aph. B/C variant with moderate ranged firepower might be somewhat rudely surprised; even with its rockets, missiles and its grenades, as the S variant is commonly beat at its own game with plenty to spare even for 10/80 Special pilots. Nevertheless, D.N.A. pilots are advised to proceed with caution when encountering a Aph. S; the machine might be seen as a joke, but it is still based off a Virtuariod exceling in close-combat, and one never knows what manner of ace pilot might be behind the control stick.


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