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Apharmd C
Technical Information
Callsign RVR-12
Affiliation RNA
Height really big
Weight really big
Game Information
Left Weapon Grenade Discharger
Right Weapon Shotgun
Center Weapon Machete
Average Health 1172.5 (2nd/15)

Apharmd Commander (RVR-12) is a controllable Virtuaroid in VOOT as of Version 5.66. Along with Apharmd S and Apharmd B, he was descended from the MBV-09-C Apharmd. Of the three Apharmds, he is the most balanced in terms of long-range and close-range capability


When the megacorporation known as D.N. Corp. split into two following the end of Operation Moongate, the breakaway faction later to be known as R.N.A. adpoted the Apharmd model to counter the D.N. Corp's (later renamed D.N.A.) Temjin. At that time, R.N.A's other forces were constituted of the rapidly outclassed Viper II line, whatever other aging first-generation Virtuaroids they could get their hands on, and nothing else; in response, they split the Apharmd line into multiple variations to cater to particular situations in battle

The C-model, also known as the Command variant can be said to be a recent replication of the long-cherished original Apharmd, but for the fact that it moves more like D.N.A.'s Temjin than anything else. The shotgun it carries is now more accurate at longer distances and no longer fires spread rounds, and some semblance of the original Apharmd line is retained with its left arm-mounted machete, capable of incredible damage only slightly short of the original Apharmd's high-powered Beam Tongfers. A machine befitting of its Command name, it adapts to situations quickly and with its quick speed can move in to counter most units where the Apharmd is the most destructive; close-combat.